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            Focused on improving oilfield crude oil recovery rate for 20 years

            Technological innovation creates the future of enterprises

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            ABOUT US

            Huahai Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd

            Texas Huahai Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of petroleum drilling and production machinery equipment, accessories, tools, wellhead devices, and other products. Having strong design capabilities, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, complete testing methods, a sound quality management system, and a certain scale of manufacturing, testing, and experimental sites. The company's main business is petroleum equipment manufacturing and petroleum technology services. Petroleum equipment manufacturing includes: TPB series hydraulic profile control injection pump, intelligent profile control injection system, sludge profile control injection system, metering dosing device, foam injection skid device, profile control injection polymer matching products, acidizing pump, polymer injection pump, mud pump accessories.....

            Why did you choose us

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              Product development

              The company has strong design capabilities, excellent manufacturing equipment, complete testing methods, and a sound quality management system
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              Technical service

              The company's product line covers the professional production of petroleum drilling and production machinery, accessories, tools, wellhead devices, and other products
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              Market layout

              The company has obtained ISO9001 international quality system and relevant specifications from the American Petroleum Institute, and has independent import and export rights
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               Highly valuing the technological innovation of independent intellectual property rights and the productivity transformation of scientific and technological achievements



            Introduction to the design principles of profile control pumps


            The design principle of profile control pump is mainly based on hydraulic transmission. It first converts the high-speed rotating mechanical energy of the electric motor into hydraulic oil pressure energy through a constant power variable pump. Then, the pressure of these hydraulic oils can be direc…

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